Finally, a Powder Day

Vertical Profile

For the first time since October, I broke out the powder skis.  NOAA elevation forecasts were calling for 18-24″ to fall from Friday night into Saturday morning along the higher terrain along the Green Spine in VT.  All of my touring partners had prior engagements except for the one that will never turn me down, my dog Bailey.  She loves getting out in the snow probably as much as I do but she struggles in deep snow.  Nothing wrong with a solo mission, especially on a powder day!

A 5 AM alarm got me out of bed and into the parking lot before 9.  The drive went smoothly and snow was still coming down when I parked in one of the few remaining spaces.  Some of the cars already had a few inches of snow on them as I’m sure some of the locals got an early start.

2600ft of climbing through hardwoods and pine forest brought me to my high point.  The trail had plenty of snow and few tracks so I decided the first run would be back down the trail.  2000 feet of knee to waist deep turns had me itching to get into the trees.  After two solo runs in the trees I crossed paths with Pat, one of the coaches on the US Biathlon team.  We were able to track down some fresh lines I had spied from below on my previous two runs.

After two more runs and 8500 feet of climbing, the snow still had not let up.  Unfortunately, it was time to head back to the car.  At least 8 inches was blanketing my car when I got back.

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