New Gear From CAMP

A small box arrived from CAMP USA yesterday.  It seemed way too small and light to contain the items that I ordered.  Low and behold, a new helmet, backpack, and crampons were all there.

CAMP Rapid 260

One nice thing about the CAMP naming system is that the weight of the product is typically in the product title.  For example, the Rapid 260 weighs 260g.  I verified the weight of all three items against their advertised numbers on my digital scale and all were withing a few grams.

CAMP Speed Helmet

I have been lugging around steel crampons for the past 5 years.  Aluminum crampons will be perfect for spring skiing in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.  Just have to remember to remove them before scrambling through the inevitable piles of granite in the Whites.  I haven’t weighed my steel crampons but the Tour 350 (350g/pair) are easily lighter than a single one of those beasts!

CAMP Tour 350 Crampon

With the acquisition of some new gear, I had to get out and test it!  I headed up to Crotched Mountain this morning to get in one last practice session before a warm front moves in with some rain.  There was enough snow to get in a bootpack to the true summit and I used this opportunity to test out the Wire Xpress carry system on the Rapid 260.  It worked as advertised and is well over a pound lighter than my old pack.

Next race is at Magic Mountain in VT on Sunday as part of the NE Rando Series.

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