Scorcher at Bromley

Bromley Rando Race Course

Bromley Mountain held the NE Rando Race Series finale on Sunday.  Forecast temps were in the 70s for MARCH 18th!  Hard to believe that it is still winter on the calendar.  In spite of the weather, enough snow remained for a sporty skin route and challenging descent.

Those that decided to hold onto the idea of winter for at least one more day toed the imaginary start line and for the first time in the history of the NE Rando Series, started the race with skis on our feet instead of the typical Le Mans start.  The pace on the first climb was high with Josh F. and I out front.  I quickly learned that I was overdressed with my short-sleeved top and wind shirt.  Several times throughout the race I contemplated burning some time to remove my wind shirt, but never did.

Josh and I were side by side at the summit with me heading out slightly ahead after packing away my completely soaked skins.  On the descent, the entrance to Little Dipper was melted out at the top requiring a short side-step to regain the snow unless you wanted to thread the needle on a 6 inch ribbon of snow between rocks  (I was conservative and chose the side-step).  The rest of the decent was nice soft bumps as long as you kept an eye out for bare patches of grass, rocks, and wet snow grabbing at your skis.

I relinquished the lead half way up the second climb but remained on Josh’s heels through the descent and into the skins on transition.  I made a small mistake not flipping my heel lifter into climbing mode and stepped into ski mode costing me a few seconds.  On the 3rd climb Josh was able to open up a 30-40 second gap as he was racing well and I was struggling in the heat.  On the last short climb I was able to gain back some time but there just wasn’t enough real estate left.  My effort was good enough for 2nd on the day and the Series Championship.

Big congrats to Josh for his first rando race victory.  Also, a big thanks to Jonathan S. for putting in all of the time and effort to organize the series and get prizes from many great sponsors.  As the Series Champ, I took home my wife took home a sweet down jacket from Rab.  She earned it for putting up with me and allowing me to spend lots of time out skiing.  The jacket will come in handy next winter for those extra walks she takes Bailey on while I am out training in the mornings.  Not to be left out, Bailey got one run before we left.

Rab Microlight Down Jacket

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