Dynafit Dy.N.A. Evo 12/13

After trying unsuccessfully to get my hands on a pair of the Dynafit Dy.N.A. Evos last spring,  a few of the East Coast racers teamed up to try and source 3 pairs from domestic channels.  With only a small number of these boots imported to the US, we had to turn to Europe to find an adequate supply.  Upon inspection, we noticed a few small changes that haven’t been well publicized.

12/13 DyNA Evo Weight – Size 25.5/26.0  Slightly above the published weight of 685g for a 26.5/27.0

  • Spacer between carbon cuff and Grilamid lower shell to reduce wear.
  • Full sole rubber to comply with the 2013-2014 ISMF Rules (11/12 model had a gap between the heel and forefoot rubber).
  • 12/13 model has the adjustable lean-lock plate.
  • Shell size breaks on the half size instead of full size.  Evo I have a 25.5/26.0 shell at 279mm BSL vs. a 26.0/26.5 shell at 287mm BSL.
  • Evo lower buckle is much improved over the TLT5.  Solid snap closing, no small silly spring, and protection from random objects trying to catch on the buckle.
  • Kevlar cord takes some time to untie knots for adjustment.

Well worn TLT5, sans tongues

My TLT5s have developed some play around the large upper cuff rivets.  I will probably have them sent away for repressing following this season.  Hopefully the spacer between the upper cuff and lower shell helps reduce wear.

Evo cuff spacer

Carpet test has the Evo being slightly softer than the TLT5 Performance in downhill mode, but with less resistance for the Evo in touring mode.  With forward pressure on the cuff, there is noticeable outward flex at the rivets.  I will wait to pass judgement until I have a chance to get them on snow.  I can probably live with some flex for eliminating almost 33% of the boot weight!

11/12 Evo on the left and 12/13 Evo on the right. Notice the lack of space between lower and upper cuff on the left.

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2 Responses to Dynafit Dy.N.A. Evo 12/13

  1. Gaper Jeffey says:

    Very nice! I also see there is a giant snow leopard kitty logo over the toe. According to Heather that alone makes it worth purchasing.

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