West Side Tour


Mt. Washington from the West.

Marth 30, 2013  The forecast called for clearing skies and 25-40 mph winds.  After some cloud cover in the morning the skies soon cleared exposing a vast expanse of white across the range.  Even though it looks nice from afar, there are often rocks lurking below the surface.  A little Ptex is well worth the reward.  Stats are 11 miles and ~9,000 ft of climbing and descending.  Some amazing aerial photos (not by me) also from yesterday.

Tons of people out yesterday.  Both Cog hiker lots were full with overflow onto the road.  Ran into at least 4 people from seperate parties I knew while on the mountain.

20130330_101641 20130330_102113 2013-03-30_10-36-59_894 20130330_115230 2013-03-30_11-54-59_684 2013-03-30_15-55-25_313 2013-03-30_14-14-05_588 20130330_155550 2013-03-30_15-58-17_304

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5 Responses to West Side Tour

  1. LFTGLY says:

    Great to see you, and meet Dmitri & Olga yesterday! (The ART is so narrow, Jerimy almost literally ran into us!)

  2. What a hoot to see what looks like the aftermath of a Powder Eight contest in AR!

  3. Whoah, just realized that is BR, not AR — even more amazing to see it so filled in (which is why I didn’t recognize it at first), as well as filled with tracks!

    • jerimyarnold says:

      BR went from 0 to those 7 sets in a matter of minutes with many onlookers coming up the cog. Viewing from the hiker lot at the end of the day it looked like most of the tracks in BR had blown back in. AR had many more tracks in it by the time we got there.

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