How to Replacing a Race Binding Heel Fork

Worn Titanium Heel Fork

Notched titanium heel fork.

After a few seasons of use, the titanium heel forks on my Dynafit Low Tech Race bindings have become notched. The notches allow the boot to rattle a bit when in ski mode and can cause inconsistent release at the heel.

For a weight penalty of 7-8 grams per ski the Ti forks can be replaced with steel forks. The steel version is much more durable, gives a slightly higher vertical release value, and costs less. I decided to go with steel as I would likely never have to replace them again. has a good selection for different binding brands.

Use a punch to remove the retainer pin making sure to support the binding. The punch I had wasn’t long enough so I improvised with an insulation support and a pair of pliers. I clamped the pliers an inch or two from the end, placed against the partially removed retainer pin, and hammered on the pliers. Make sure to have something to catch the retainer pin.

Improvised punch.

Improvised punch.

The old fork is easy to remove but getting the new fork on is a bit tricky. I forced one of the forks against the binding and twisted my pliers between the forks to spread them enough to slide the fork into the binding.

Twist the pliers to spread the forks

Twist the pliers to get enough leverage to spread the forks.

Finish by pounding the retainer pin back in (again, make sure to have a way to support the binding). A vise would also work to press the pin into place.

Completed heel fork replacement.

Completed heel fork replacement.

The procedure for Plum and Kreuspitze bindings should be similar; knock out the retainer pin. Hagan, Ski Trab, and the older style Dynafit Low Tech bindings use a screw to hold the fork in place.

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